Qbits- the Perseids adventure

What happens when four great scientists- Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein- are reincarnated in a quantum universe and unleashed on an unsuspecting world?

Fortunately, since they have access to any file, database or person they choose, they're actually trying to save the planet, assisted by two young scientists. best life insurance plan

Tom Jackson and Scott 'Mad Dog' Maddocks are trying to lead a normal life as researchers and lecturers at the University of Sydney – drinking coffee, playing rugby and partying. But the Qbits can (and will) summon them to the Great Hall whenever they choose, to provide updates on a world-threatening situation and what the US president has said, watch a live feed from the military drone they've hijacked or just to complain about each other. Never meet your heroes, right?

You can't help sympathising with Tom, he has these wannabe superheroes living inside his head. Now, with a satellite heading towards Earth and the CIA on his trail, he has to hope that the Qbits are smart enough to get him out of these situations. After all, they're usually the ones who got him into it in the first place. best life insurance plan

The goal of Qbits is to inspire at least one teenager or adult to follow a career in science, but it's also an extremely enjoyable read. First-time author Peter Fitzgerald has combined chaotic adventures, fascinating facts from Shrodinger's cat, and the hilarious Qbits to create a book that is part adventure story, part science fiction. Let's hope there is a sequel.

Gabriela Munoz | Editor
Science Illustrated Magazine