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The Perseids Adventure

Peter Fitzgerald

Sid Harta

Set in 2015, this novel by Peter Fitzgerald has come about as a result of Peter’s love for science and also his larrikin ways.  While some of us think science is a rather dull subject, Peter particularly thrives on it and has decided to write this funny, quirky novel, based on science, for our enjoyment and pleasurable reading.

It is Sydney in the year 2015 and, thank goodness, strong cappuccinos and great cafes have not been replaced with something ‘cyber’ or a ‘pill’ as yet. Much to Tom Jackson’s dismay, and just as he is beginning to enjoy his five kilometre jog around Sydney’s wharf, he is teleported from his real life to another space, a quantum space just as real as his reality.

Fifteen seconds later he finds himself in the Great Hall, a medieval type-setting, meeting with the Qbits.  Hanging around the table were four people who had created their own portal to any universe and they could be ‘anywhere, anytime and instantly’.

Their names are GG (a scientist who fancied himself as Galileo Galilei);  Mac (a reincarnation of Marie Curie); Alby (who had the DNA of the great Albert Einstein); and Newts (he had the QED of Isaac Newton).  What a collection these people were, and quite frankly, they did Tom’s head in at times. 

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Even more mysteriously their viewing screen (in the guise of The Great Tapestry) was always overseen by Wat*to (a remarkably astute feline who closely resembled Schrodinger’s cat).  Watto’s feline smiling features always popped up when the unusual foursome were gleaning information from anywhere and everywhere.

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This remarkable team was becoming more and more random in their thoughts and actions.  When Tom arrives, they are deeply intent on a live feed of a US military drone hovering around Mt Everest. 

What are the Qbits getting into and how will it affect poor old Tom?  You’ll just have to read on won’t you?

Peter Fitzgerald’s imagination and sense of humour shines through this science fiction novel that combines things we all currently love and know with bits and pieces of information and technology which may or may not be available in our future.

Peter has written a genuinely entertaining story which I have really enjoyed reading.  This novel is certainly an unusual sneak peek at what the future may hold in store for us.

“This author possesses an imagination that would put most of us to shame – combining current technology and his ideas of the future, Peter Fitzgerald’s novel is entertaining, enjoyable, funny and….. quite quirky.”

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